The Sacred Valley of the Incas and the Urubamba are used inter-changeably to describe the valley that runs from east of Pisac to Ollantaytambo at the western end of the Valley. It is a narrow, winding valley with spectacular snow capped peaks constantly in view.

Church of Lord of Torrechayoc

The Urubamba River "The Sacred River of the Incas still winds its way around the base of Putucusi (on the left), passing Machu Picchu 2000 feet beneath the famous citadel. A sense of sanctuary is created by the ring of the surrounding mountains. They stand with such majesty, their sheer faces like a barrier to the outside world."

Urubamba mountain

Urubamba was created by a government decree on June 21, 1,825 and on November 1,839, it was decided that the Village of Urubamba be upgraded to " The worthy city of Urubamba" when Agustin Gamarra was president. Law 14135 on June 18, 1,962 dubbed it the "Archaeological Province of Peru" due to the architectural complex there.

The Urubamba Valley is one of the most productive ones in the country. This is where the best corn in the world is produced and during the rainy season, top-quality fruit like peaches and strawberries are abundant.


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